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Design, production and characterization of electronic data reading systems

Particle physics experiments needs decision making systems in real time about which events must be save or discard, what is known as trigger. IFIC has extensive experience in the development and maintenance of these systems.

The technical design of “Allen” which GPUs can process up to 40 Tbit/s facilitates its use in events reconstruction and event detection. Their relevance and utility to improve the computing power in high-energy physics experiments or in other advanced data processing systems has been successfully tested in computational infraestructure to artificial intelligence Artemisa.

Event White Board Project faces the huge challenge of a fast-changing technological scenario where its must be handle large volumes of data. Our researchers are leading two of the main task of this Project, the first data selection or data indexing (Data Production) and the creation of ‘metadata’ that identify each event according to certain parameters (Data Collection). This data processing is carried out simultaneously to the GRID data delivery, the computational system distributed around the globe where the LHC data are storage.

The great potential of Artemisa infrastructure allows IFIC remarkably extend the possibilities of our institute to develop and enhance other research lines, for example in medical physics field.

First prototype of an electronic card for ATLAS calorimeter.


  • DEPFET technology
  • SciFi detector electronic device
  • Data acquisition architecture Compact Processing Module (CPM)

Business sectors of application

  • Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring
  • Big Science Industry
  • Accelerators
  • Aerospacial Industry

Of interest to

Industries requiring high performance data acquisition architectures