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Electronics laboratory

IFIC Electronic and microelectronic unit services any research project which specific electronic developments requirements of both discrete components design and in greater intensity of integration assembly. In addition, these development, assembly and testing capabilities are also provide to external companies by contracts and agreements.

Detectors and equipos development by IFIC researchers generate electronic output signals which must be effectively treated and registered. These devices requires elec-tronic systems to read, process and store information, these systems are created in this laboratory specifically for each detector. The usual requirements needed by these systems habitual are typical small signal and high frequency, often linked to a reduced mechanical space availability and radiation resistance requeriments.

IFIC international projects including generally the design and production of electronic components, extending these development capacities to all international cooperation. IFIC electronic laboratory  provide tecnical support in electronic design, prototyping, manufacturing, testing and validation of these electronic systems trought their equipment and workers experience.

Some of the functions that this laboratory performs can be summarized as:

  • Design of electronic signal capture devices and signal treatment systems
  • Manufacture of PCBs
  • Electronic programming
  • Electronic system testing
  • PCB components assembly. Manual and by automatic insertion
  • Wire bonding
  • Repairs and purchasing logistics
  • Manufacture of small series of electronic cards for prototypes

New detector advances use microelectronic tecnologies with the utilization, for example, of silicon particle detectors. This IFIC laboratory is responsible for the chips test and the silicon structures, as well as their microchannels interconnection.


  • General electronic laboratory with 90 m2
  • Clean rooms for microelectronic with a 90 m2 area divided into:
    • Clean rooms with classification ISO 1.000 with 25m²
    • Clean rooms with classification ISO 10.000 with 75m²
  • Insertion of components equipment with programmable beam guide assistance

On the official page of IFIC you can obtain more information about this infrastructure and request its use. From the UCIE we are also at your fully service through our contact form. for any additional information about this infrastructure.