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Image processing and artificial vision

We develop customized instruments to radiation detection including; sensors, associated electronics, data acquisition systems, data analysis algorithms and image reconstruction software. We also use environmental recognition applied and integrated into radiation sensors and detectors. Our technical advances have been applied in areas as diverse as; medical image, monitoring and reduction of radiation doses in patients, 3D reconstruction, objects detection, classification and segmentation for image and video or safety and protection against radiological emergency.
Reconstruction of radioactive source matrix.
Improved image reconstruction. Reconstruction of a backbone with scoliosis.


  • Detector for space-based monitoring of radioactive waste.
  • Compton camera prototype
  • PET scan prototype
  • Covid-19 screening prototype from X-rays
  • Breast cancer detection from mammography’s.
  • Device for image-guided biopsies in real time
  • Sophisticated systems for surgical assistance

Business sectors of application

  • Medical Image
  • Medical equipment and hospital facilities
  • Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring
  • Waste management
  • Security

Of interest to

  • Hospitals, clinics and health centers.
  • Companies specialized in image-processing software.
  • Companies interested in advanced image-processing to improve their process, products or services.