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The Scientific Unit for Business Innovation is IFIC’s internal structure for the promotion of knowledge and technology transfer in collaboration with companies, technology institutes and other organisations.

The activities that the Unit carries out with other interested parties include:

  • Documentation and updating of the scientific and technical offer.
  • Dissemination of capabilities, infrastructures and transferable assets.
  • Maintenance of relational networks with other actors in the innovation ecosystem.
  • Participation in working groups.
  • Representation of IFIC in events and meetings in the field of innovation and technology transfer.
  • Management of expressions of interest from companies and other organisations in the capacities, infrastructures and assets.
  • Management of collaboration agreements.

The Unit offers IFIC research groups, for the promotion and consolidation of technology transfer, a variety of services depending on the Technology Readiness Level:

  • Technology surveillance.
  • Identification of challenges in relation to capabilities.
  • Patentability studies.
  • Advice on protection strategy. Support in the drafting and management of patents and other forms of protection.
  • Coordination with the OTRI of the UV and the VATC of the CSIC.
  • Identification of public and private calls for project funding. Support for the preparation of applications.
  • Elaboration of presentation material of the technology.
  • Search for cooperation partners/environment, verification and validation of designs.
  • Identification of standards and certification requirements.
  • Technical consultancy on standards and certification requirements.
  • Partner search/industrialisation environment.

University of Valencia Technology Transfer Services

CSIC Technology Transfer Services