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Discover us

We are the internal structure of IFIC to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology, in collaboration with companies, technological institutes and other social organizations.

IFIC (Instituto de Física Corpuscular) is a joint center made up by CSIC and University of Valencia. It is a leader in theoretical and experimental research in particle physics, astroparticles and nuclear physics. It is also renowned for its innovative technology transfer activities through its Scientifc Unit for Business Innovation (UCIE).

IFIC is a pioneer in the experimental research on matter constituents in Spain. It is nationally and internationally recognized as a benchmark of excellence for its scientific contributions, impact on society and its ability to attract talent.

IFIC is involved in the design, construction and operation of large scientific instruments, which are used in the most advanced research activities carried out in the world of physics. Likewise, IFIC has played a relevant role in the international scientific experiments, which have led to the most relevant discoveries made in recent years (Higgs boson, among others).

IFIC’s Medical Physics and Advanced Computing groups stand out for their innovative developments in medical imaging and their recognized abilities and contributions in artificial intelligence and related technologies.

IFIC’s data processing center is Tier II node of ATLAS experiment. It also hosts and manages ARTEMISA, an advanced computing infrastructurefor artificial intelligence. These remarkable capabilities are available for collaboration with external users who need them for their research.

UCIE, supported by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), is the internal structure of IFIC for promoting knowledge and technology transfer. Those promotion activities are carried out in collaboration with companies, technological institutes and other social organizations. UCIE’s misión is to facilitate those collaborations by activating its own resources and those of external services.

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Management & administration
María Teresa Andreu García
IFIC Director
Nuria Rius Dionis
UCIE Coordinator
José Enrique García

César Blanch Gutiérrez

Innovation Agent

César Senra Moledo

Innovation Agent

Ana Isabel Delgado

Innovation Agent