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Micro PET / CT imaging laboratory

The Micro PET / CT imaging laboratory is integrated into de medical physics facilities of IFIC  and is a unique resource that offer their service for the research community, primarily for preclinical imaging studies. In particular, it offers the possibility of: 

  • Produce in vivo images of metabolic processes on small animals through positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Produce structural images on small animals through computed tomography (CT) to study anatomical morphology, soft tissues, etc.
  • Produce functional images combining with structural images for highly accurate the location where the metabolic processes of interest are happen.

Structural images research does not necessarily linked to biological field, it is also possible to obtain images of components or small structures that might partially absorbed X-Rays.

Highly specialized scientists and technologists that operate in the laboratory can work also with the raw data behind the imaging creation, allowing to offer a wide variety of technological services as:

  • Medical Image prototype development
  • Devices combination to improve the final image
  • The study of new algorithms for image reconstruction or signal corrections

This Micro PET / CT imaging laboratory is not restricted to the mentioned services, it is also open to support individual researcher on image or data pro-cessing, as well as the study of any other application that the user might be required and that can be achieved with this singular equipment.


  • Hybrid imagen system PET/CT Super Argus 4R for small animals
  • 160 mm opening and animal stretchers for a maximun weigth of 3 Kg.
  • PET scan with gour rings of submilimetric resolution thought 3D OSEM reconstruction.
  • CT scan with 3 levels of magnification.
  • Anaesthesia machine.
  • Previus room to radiomarkers manipulation: protection screen, activimeter ,storage and hygiene zone

From the UCIE we are at your fully service through our contact form for any additional information about this infrastructure contact form.