Since the beginning of November, the SPTO has had a new electronic filing system for inventions, OEPMSEI. With this application, developed in conjunction with the European Patent Office, we want to provide a solution to one of the greatest demands of our users: to modernise and make our electronic application systems for the different types of inventions more user-friendly and intuitive. The scope of this first version is limited, including the following procedures:

  • National patent and utility model application (including, in addition to the first filing, the divisional application, the European patent conversion and the change of modality).
  • European patent validation application (provisional and final)
  • Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) application, including the filing of SPC extensions for paediatric medicines.
  • PCT International Application (form PCT/RO/101)
  • European Patent Application (form 1001)
  • A limited number of subsequent formalities, which can be consulted on the E-Office.

Throughout this modernisation process, the current system (e-OLF) will continue to be maintained in parallel, but access to it will be progressively restricted until it is finally shut down, once all the necessary procedures have been migrated. Access to the application will require electronic identification via cl@ve or using an EPO Smartcard.

Further information